Bullet For My Valentine Review

BFMVWith the cold weather comes the flu and colds, but on September 7th Adelaide was gripped by the fever.Bullet for my Valentine Fever, that is.

After the long wait in the unforgiving Adelaide weather, eager fans were finally let loose in the Thebarton Theatre. The first performance of the night was from Canadian act, Cancer Bats. The technical difficulties the band faced two days prior in Perth seemed to be a thing of the past, and they burst onto the stage, starting a circle pit halfway through their first song.

As their set progressed, the punters were a mix of loyal fans and some new ones, proud to be putting their hands in the air and showing off the rock sign. They continued their set with songs including Darkness Livesand Lucifer’s Rocking Chair with their first small circle pit turning into one that consumed half of the mosh pit. The true metal fans were in for a treat, or not, when Cancer Bats concluded their set with a cover of Beastie Boy’s Sabotage .

After a short intermission, it was time for the second act of the night – Bring Me The Horizon . The band graced the stage with a banner of their latest album’s cover in the background, hanging proud. The cheers that greeted the band on their arrival would have had any mere spectator thinking this was the main band. They began their set with their latest single It Never Ends .

Bring Me The Horizon continued their set which consisted songs with ‘lyrics’ only die-hard fans might comprehend. However there appeared to be plenty of these die-hard fans when the venue became engulfed in circle pits and walls of death for the remainder of their set.

When fan-favourite Diamonds Aren’t Forever began, if you weren’t safely pressed against the wall or seated, you were covered in running black eyeliner, and not necessarily your own. Football Season’s Over and Sleep With One Eye Open were a few more crowd-pleasers played in their set and, despite the cliché request of front man, Ollie Sykes , asking the crowd to raise their middle fingers in the air and his attempts to create multiple walls of deaths, the faithful fans did not seem to mind.

Bring Me The Horizon concluded their set with Chelsea Smile and left the crowd with bruises, cuts and some without shoes. Just another night in a typical teen-angst mosh pit.

Another short intermission followed at the end of Bring Me The Horizon’s set but the tension and excitement continued to build. When the house lights went down and the classic melody of Old Fortuna started playing, it was time to rock. Without the request of the band, nearly all audience members raised their hands in the air giving Bullet For My Valentine a rock salute.

Bullet For My Valentine kicked off their show with Your Betrayal and had the punters weakening the floorboards of the Thebbie with their more than enthusiastic moshing skills.

They continued to belt out tunes including Fever and Waking the Demon . The slightly exaggerated guitar solos and the colourful lighting effects only added to the atmosphere of this faithful crowd. Bullet For My Valentine paid to tribute some of their older songs and ballads by playing Tears Don’t Fall.

Bullet For My Valentine had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand and could not have had a better response when they announced they would be at next year’s Soundwave . If their sold-out show wasn’t enough proof, Bullet For My Valentine’s popularity is, for better or for worse, on the rise and is sure to continue with the recent release of their album Fever .

Originally posted on FasterLouder: http://www.fasterlouder.com.au/reviews/events/25569/Bullet-For-My-Valentine-Thebarton-Theatre-Adelaide-070910