Personal Statement

I am an ambitious, motivated and hardworking individual who works hard to complete tasks successfully and to the best of my ability. I work well both individually and in a team, skills I have harnessed and improved on throughout my various work experiences. I have excellent time management skills and I am capable of making important decisions. I enjoy challenging myself, learning new skills and I am always seeking to better educate myself on all important issues.


University of South Australia: February 2012 – Current

St Dominic’s Priory College: 1999 -2011


On The Record UniSA Student Publication: 2013

Contributor to the St Dominic’s Priory College ‘Dominican Herald’ student paper: 2011

Volunteer Work with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC): 2010

FasterLouder Contributer: 2009 – Present

Kmart Retail and Customer Service Assistant: 2009 – Present

Work Experience at St Peter’s College Primary School: 2009


I have a vast range of interests including sports, fashion, politics and music and I hope to one day work as a journalist covering all of these areas of interest. I also have a strong interest and commitment to animals and the environment. I am committed to volunteering and supporting various environmental campaigns, animal conservationists and animal shelters.


Julie Redford

Apparel Manager at Kmart West Lakes


Deirdre Bails

General Merchandise Manager at Kmart West Lakes


Josie Revesz

Multi-Arts Coordinator at St Dominic’s Priory College

8267 3818


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