Short Stack Review

short stackShort Stack is definitely the new black. A sold out crowd consisting of young children, around the age of 8, accompanied by their parents and the swarms of excited teenagers, braved the cold Adelaide weather and lined the streets early to see Australia’s new hottest band, Short Stack, at The Gov.

Adelaide band, Amber Calling, kicked off the night and had the punters screaming and asking for more. The crowd was made of some old, religious fans and definitely some new ones. The energy continued to increase as Amber Calling continued with their performance, even some of the not so enthusiastic parents seemed to enjoy the cover of Nothing At All. At the end of their set, they finished with Down And Out.

Sydney band, My Future Lies, were next to perform and began their small set with Penny Lane. The crowd was calmer during this set however; My Future Lies seemed to please most of them with just a few enjoyble songs.

The third act of the night was Brisbane boys, Ellington. They opened with their famous song, Wide Awake and Smiling, definitely pleasing the many fans in the audience. The crowd was, once again, calm and mellow but began to warm up to Ellington. Towards the end of their set, the crowd was pumped and definitely ready for Short Stack. After their last song, the – œShort Stack’ chants began almost immediately.

After the long anticipated wait, Short Stack finally took to the stage, opening with fan favourite Drop Dead Gorgeous. From the second the band took the stage, it was rather obvious that this crowd was ready to party!

An excellent cover of Blink 182’s First Date was to follow their opening songs, a cover sure to have impressed all fans. Next song on the set, to slow things down, was Back Of My Head. During this song just about every person in the room was gazing up at this amazing young talent. Next song on the set was the more lively song, One Step Closer, during which beach balls were thrown around in the audience, all in good fun. One Step Closer was then followed by It’s 4 You.

After, Adelaide fans were given the chance to show off their dancing skills to Short Stack’s cover of Nutbush City Limits. Some interesting dance moves were on display however surely some people must have impressed the band. The lyrics to their second hit single, Princess, was known and sung by every member of the crowd. Princess was shortly followed by Bradie’s impressive drum solo that had fans screaming for more. Lead singer, Shaun, and bass player, Andy, returned to the stage and performed another cover, this time legendary rock-band Queen’s classic hit, We Will Rock You. And they certainly did.

Shimmy A Go Go, the band’s first hit song, was the song that broke the barrier on the already crazy atmosphere. To say this song brought down the house would be an understatement. Shimmy A Go Go was to be the final song for the evening, however the “Encore” and “Short Stack” chants were seemingly too hard to ignore. Short Stack’s final song of the night was their third hit single, Sway Sway Baby.

Short Stack certainly live up to their hype as “Australia’s most new and energetic rock band” and have definitely proved they are not just another run-of-the-mill boy band. More great things are sure to follow the release of their debut album, Stack Is The New Black.

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